The Father Wants To Heal You – A Retreat with the Lord’s Prayer (Veritas, 2022)
This timely book takes us by the hand and invites us on a personal journey through the Lord’s Prayer to discover the depth and healing power of God’s love for us, while at the same time reminding us through the first word, Our, that we say this prayer together as a community. Written in an easily accessible and enjoyable format, The Father Wants to Heal You reinforces the significance of the Lord’s Prayer and uncovers and explores the deeper meanings it contains. How many times have you said this prayer quickly without contemplating the beauty within it? You won’t say the Lord’s Prayer in the same way again.


Making Off 
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Radio Interview – Radio Maria Ireland

Fr John McCarthy interviewed me to discuss the book on 4 August 2022 – listen here.

The Lamb Will Conquer – Reflections on the Knock Apparition (Veritas, 2017)


Father Nigel Woollen offers a thoughtful and inspiring meditation on the 1879 apparition at Knock, with particular emphasis on the tableau of statues, depicting the vision, that are located within the Shrine Chapel. With recourse to apt scripture passages, as well as personal reflections, The Lamb Will Conquer provides fresh, consoling insights into the apparition – a joyful ‘revelation of heaven’ – and explores its enduring symbolism both for our Christian forbears and for pilgrims today. This book encourages readers to engage deeply with the message of Knock and to see in it a call to journey compassionately and lovingly with our neighbours in Christ.

Learning to Love – Journeys through Life with the Rosary (Veritas, 2018) If we consider our experience here on this earth as a journey on which we are learning to love, then the Rosary is one way of illuminating our spiritual path. Taking this timeless prayer as his starting point, Nigel Woollen sees each of the Mysteries of the Rosary as the embodiment of various stages of our earthly journeying and encourages the reader to share in its wisdom and consolation. In this eminently approachable book, written with a welcome lightness of touch, Scripture passages, personal reflections and surprising anecdotes combine as we are encouraged to re-examine our lives in the light of God’s loving care, with Mary at our side to help us grow in love.          
French translation: Aimer à l’école du Rosaire – Petites histoires et grands mystères (Éditions de l’Emmanuel, 2020)   Les mystères du rosaire sont la carte routière utilisée par l’auteur dans ce voyage auquel il nous invite pour transfigurer notre propre vie, traverser nos joies et nos souffrances et commencer notre chemin de gloire, main dans la main avec Marie. Apprendre à aimer et se laisser aimer Rien d’austère dans ce parcours, qui mêle de vivantes méditations pétries d’Écriture Sainte et des anecdotes pleines d’humour et de feu. À l’école de Marie et des mystères du rosaire L’auteur a le don de traduire des vérités profondes dans un langage familier qui parle directement à notre coeur ; il nous montre que oui, la sainteté est à notre portée ! Un guide drôle, vivant qui dilate le coeur et l’âme Aimer à l’école du Rosaire – Petites histoires et grands mystères de Nigel WoollenPublish at Calameo A propos de Nigel Woollen Formé à Paray-le-Monial et à Rome, Nigel Woollen est ordonné prêtre à Ars en 1996. Après 15 ans au service du sanctuaire marial de Knock, en Irlande, il est actuellement vicaire en paroisse près de Londres.